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Come to Olive Tree Restaurant and treat yourself to the meeting point of exquisite flavors and tranquility

In the enchanting atmosphere of Club Tuana Fethiye, Olive Tree Restaurant takes pride in welcoming you to its special garden adorned with olive trees, symbolizing peace. Olive Tree aims to spoil your taste buds by offering the most refined examples of world cuisine.

Discover the most exceptional examples of world cuisine and pamper your palate

Olive Tree Restaurant offers unique flavors for those who want to explore the tastes of world cuisines. Our master chefs use carefully selected ingredients to prepare the finest dishes from local and international kitchens. Our rich menu presents a wide range of options, from fresh Mediterranean products to exotic Asian flavors, from American and European cuisine to the delights of Latin America. As you select dishes that suit your palate, you can also complement your experience with our delicious selection of wines.

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The Meeting Point of Exquisite Flavors and Tranquility

Olive Tree is the perfect venue for special events and gatherings, creating unforgettable memories

In addition to the culinary experience, Olive Tree Restaurant also offers a visual feast. Our stylish and modern interior decor dazzles, providing a spacious and luminous atmosphere for our guests to relax. Moreover, it serves as an ideal venue for special events and gatherings. Olive Tree has the capacity to host various types of events, from romantic dinners to business meetings, from weddings to special celebrations.

Embark on a journey of flavor, tranquility, and enjoyment, and add the tastes of Olive Tree to your unforgettable memories

Olive Tree Restaurant is one of the must-visit culinary destinations within Club Tuana Fethiye. We invite you to a delightful gastronomic experience under the stars in our garden adorned with olive trees, symbolizing peace. The moments you spend at Olive Tree Restaurant will turn into a journey filled with flavor, tranquility, and enjoyment. We are here to add vibrant flavors of Olive Tree to your unforgettable memories.

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Our experienced and friendly staff work diligently to make your experience at Olive Tree Restaurant unforgettable, with warm welcomes and professional service. We strive to exceed our guests' expectations by carefully considering every detail.

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