Oludeniz, which went down in history as the best beach in the world with golden letters in 2006, has a lot to enjoy there are a lot of beaches and bays. While you are on holiday at Club Tuana, you will find that its location and natural structures create a visual feast and create a if you want to get acquainted with the historical face of Oludeniz, which is a must-see route for a sea holiday, Let’s take a look at the most popular corners of Oludeniz

Belcekiz Beach

Belcekiz / Belcekiz Beach, where all shades of nature once again meet in common, the sea and accommodation its options make it a great option for lovers of the sea with its long white beach and beach. On a beach holiday we definitely recommend sunbathing on the Oludeniz coast. Belcekiz Beach is also close by with parachute jumps made from the top of Babadag the revival of both adrenaline junkies and those who have never compromised with the sea-sand-sun trio point. Belcekiz, the place where the long beach is integrated with the peaceful sea, fascinates all the guests who come.

Oludeniz National Park

The national park, also known as the Oludeniz Nature Reserve, has been open to visitors for many years, and its trees, it connects it with the sea. You can enjoy swimming in the fresh and cold waters and the shade of the trees Oludeniz Nature Park, where you can listen to the sounds of mother nature accompanied by absolutely must-see add to list.


Hisaronu, which is more frequented by British tourists who like to vacation, has a lively night life it stands out as a place where you can participate. Hisaronu, which can be reached by land connecting Fethiye with Oludeniz you should definitely go and see the resort and add it to your experience.



Butterfly Valley is a slice of paradise hidden behind the high hills of Fethiye’s Faralya village. With its 50 meter high waterfall, more than 80 butterfly species, and white sandy beach, it is a wonderful place isolated from the rest of the world. Fethiye Butterfly Valley, an original jewel accessible by boat from Oludeniz, can add color to your Club Tuana vacation. Because almost all of the bays in Fethiye are hot and

Kabak Bay:

It is one of the bays with truly untouched nature until the last few years, about 30 kilometers from Fethiye’s center. The following are some of the activities available to visitors to Kabak Bay:
Beach Of Kabak
Kabak has a beach as well. However, this is not your typical beach vacation, sunbed, and so on. Such things do not exist. It is critical that you bring them all with you when you come. Kabak Waterfall Aladere
Waterfalls in Kabak Bay
Another place where you can fully enjoy nature is Aladere Waterfall. The waterfall is surrounded by rocks and consists of natural pools where it overflows. You can enter the pond by taking a unique walk from Kabak Bay. The water will almost certainly be ice cold.
The Blue Cave
Another natural pool formed by the waters entering the caves is the Blue Cave. It is close to Kabak Beach. It is able to accommodate these natural wonders in Kabak Bay.



Gocek, one of the first places that come to mind when it is called the blue sea on the borders of Turkey, is the insatiable sea where the blue and the green harmony of the forest meet, it is frequented by people who want to escape from the suffocating city life point. Gocek, which is very close to Club Tuana, is a peaceful place for those who have fled the big city and embraced the sea it’s one of his addresses. Located a few km northwest of Fethiye, Gocek is one of the safest ports in the Gulf of Fethiye, It has been hosting holiday lovers for many years, such as Alaçatı and Bodrum, which are the favorite tourist destinations of Turkey has made.

Gocek, famous for its bays, is the most ideal place to have fun with blue cruises and day boat trips.Gocek, which has been a favorite of everyone who is interested in the sea and yachts for many years, is a favorite holiday of the Mediterranean coast it is one of the routes. Gocek, Caria and Lycia, known in the past as Hyparna and Kamche / Kalimche he has determined the boundaries of their civilization. The most developed cities of the Lycian civilization are Telmessos (Fethiye) and Decak, a coastal habitat between Kaunos (Dalyan), is a very lucky place in the direction of historical and natural heritage this is the place. The monumental tombs and baths left over from the Lycian period reflect the historical past of Gocek. Located close to the coast of Gocek, Tersane Island attracts attention with its ancient ruins. Icarus in Mythology and it is said that the Daidalos myths were also passed down in Gocek. Gocek, also given its first name, is a mythological he got it from the story.

How about the opportunity to explore Gocek for a while while you are on holiday at Club Tuana?



The Ancient Lycian Way is one of the world’s most popular hiking trails. The Sunday Times, one of England’s most respected weekly newspapers, named the Lycian Way one of the world’s most beautiful walking paths. It is a wonderful way to spend a few hours walking through the most beautiful way of life and seeing all the different shades of nature.The destinations along the Lycian Way, which is approximately 535 kilometers long, are popular with both local and foreign tourists, particularly in the spring and summer. With its vast red pine forests, beautiful old cities, and the Gelidonya lighthouse, which was named Turkey’s most beautiful view in 2007, the Lycian Way provides visitors with a one of a kind hiking experience.

The Lycian Way is marked using the French Grande Randonnee system, with yellow signs at road crossings and some sections featuring medium and difficult stages. There are marked places every 50 meters on the Lycian Way, where many hikers can walk comfortably, and every 200 meters on the dirt road.The Lycian Way runs along the Mediterranean coast, where the climate is mild. This region, which has mild winters, gets quite hot in the summer. The Lycian Way, which can be traveled comfortably for a few months of the year, is best traveled during the spring months, when colorful flowers symbolizing nature’s power can be seen. October November, when the humidity gradually decreases, is the best time for a variety of temperatures. The months of May through September are the hottest in the region.


A 200 meter long wooden bridge suspended from iron railings on the pass’s steep slopes is used for the pass’s passage and entrance. At the bridge’s end, there are karst springs for those who want to sit or swim in the water. The canyon is still being explored. According to legend, when a shepherd’s ram escapes, he pursues it to find the pass, explore the area, and discover the Saklikent canyon. We can say that coming here in the summer is necessary because the waters are cold. Access to Saklikent Canyon is prohibited during the winter months due to rising water from rains. As a result, we recommend that you make your Club Tuana summer vacation reservations as soon as possible.


Yaniklar Village, located within the boundaries of Mugla’s Fethiye district, hosts an eco tourism area with its fresh and peaceful environment and natural products right next to Club Tuana. The Karg Stream runs through the village, which is about 15 kilometers from Fethiye. Yaniklar Village, which is covered in citrus fields; it invites you to a peaceful vacation with its walking and cycling trails, sandy beach, and quiet and peaceful nature. Yaniklar Village, one of Fethiye’s must see destinations, is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing vacation alone with nature. If you want to spend time in a pleasant town, you can go for walks on the nearby trekking trails. Arabasi soup and Keskek are popular delicacies in the village. In addition, the Katliç and Akgöl lakes, which are located within the borders of Yaniklar village, are visited. Yaniklar Village is well known for its breakfast and camping facilities. You can have breakfast in nature and discover new camping spots. The Green Valley Nature Park and Campground in the village has become a popular destination in recent years due to the high quality of services provided and the variety of activities available. In Yaniklar, where Karaot Beach is located, you can enjoy the sea. Yaniklar village, one of Fethiye’s undiscovered natural wonders; The Akgöl Wetland, which is protected, is a forest of rare trees. Make your reservation at Club Tuana as soon as possible and then come here.

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