Club Tuana Fethiye
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Covid-19 Preventions
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Covid-19 Preventions

  • 1. Fever check is made at all entrances. We share the situation privately with our guests if fever is above 38 degrees and act according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • 2. After disinfecting your suitcases, we leave them in your rooms.
  • 3. We do all your registrations at the reception in accordance with the safe social distance rules.
  • 4. We disinfect the room keys and towel cards after each use.
  • 5. Our rooms are regularly sterilized by the Ministry of Health approved disinfectants and ULV devices before each use. All the room materials that are available for you are personal and disposable for you.
  • 6. All of our staff who clean your rooms and communicate with you use disposable medical masks and gloves.
  • 7. Our specially trained sterilization teams regularly disinfect our rooms, all public areas and toilets.
  • 8. Our ventilation systems provide 100% fresh and clean air.
  • 9. We rearranged all our Food & Beverage units according to the safe social distance rules.
  • 10. You can access our Themed Restaurant menus at the Restaurant entrances and the Guest Relations Office via the Visual and QR code.
  • 11. All seating groups in our Food & Beverage units are regularly disinfected. Products such as salt and pepper shakers in the restaurant are for single use.
  • 12. The sun loungers in the Pool and Beach are placed according to the safe social distance. It is disinfected after each use.
  • 13. Mini Club and all children's areas are regularly disinfected with the Ministry of Health approved disinfectant and ULV devices.
  • 14. All used towels and bedding materials are sterilized with special chemicals and washing at temperaturesabove 70°С.
  • 15. ISO 22000 Food Safety System is implemented in all Kitchens.
  • 16. There is a 7/24 Health Officer in our facility.
  • Our request from you:

    We think of your health, we have taken our precautions, disinfectant for your use in common areas, we have placed masks in your rooms. Please disinfect your hands frequently and use a mask.

    Meet the nature, feel the sun in the air of the clean Club Tuana and discover the unique sea. We are happy to welcome you here.